Paid web Promotion

show when someone searches Paid Web promotionsPaid web Promotion Services lead to optimal brand exposure and lets you generate more sales leads as the targeting capabilities and customer base are quite vast.

What we do

We target prospect customer to promote your product /services

We have specialists to manage your campaigns for better performance

We will evaluate your competitors & then develop strategic planning process

We ensure optimal targeting to get the warmest leads for all sorts of businesses

Neoteric Technologies is one of the leading digital marketing service provider offering full range of personalized paid advertising services to boost your sales. Our paid online marketing services will bring maximum ROI for your business. To optimize exposure for your brand among millions of customers we provide Google AdWords (PPC –Pay per click service) that instantly produces results. Apart from it our Social Media Marketing (FB ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads, YouTube Ads will attract, engage & create a valuable network resource.

Google ADwords

We have professionals with great expertise to help you plan your budget and compete with similar advertisers in your industry. By availing our services, you could increase conversions, drive traffic to your website, generate quality leads.

What we do

Researching & Finalising Keywords

Estimating CPC

Creating attractive Landing Pages

Ad Campaigns & Ad Groups creation

Designing Responsive Ad copies

Bidding & budget management

Monitoring Conversion & reporting

Apart from search ads we also run Display ads, Call only ads, Dynamic ads to reach wider audience. We can help you run campaigns profitably with low CPCs even on the smallest of marketing budgets..

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, You Tube etc, have become an integral part of businesses. Our social media experts will get your business the attention it deserves. To generate brand awareness and direct traffic to your website we do showcase your products via posts, create piece of marketing content and try to make the most of every opportunity. We will make every effort to spread awareness and drive engagement to increase the likes or follows of your brand’s page.

What we do

Asses & identify your target audience

Create effective social media marketing strategy

Regularly scheduled updates for engagement

Monitor recognition & response

Target keywords & phrases relevant to your brand

Keep Analyzing data for strategy improvement

With us you can reach the right audiences in the right places at the right time. To gain loyal fans, followers, reach your branding goals, lead generation we do study your objectives, target audience preferences and build a road map for social media marketing success.

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