Employability Solutions

we understand the need for a skilled workforce in today’s competitive business scenario, and hence source and deploy candidates after thorough screening. Our staff includes proficient HR consultants, special recruiting force and other highly-skilled professionals who cater to all the employability needs of our clients in different sectors. Neoteric technologies provides talent acquisition services, end to end recruitment process assistance, along with managing and training staff for enhanced productivity. Our customizable employment assessment tests help employers find the core strength of their existing employees and candidates for future recruitments.


Our range of Employability solutions include:-

Skill Based Assessment

Accredited as one of the best in staffing, Neoteric Technologies provides a customized, high-quality, manpower consulting service to meet your business requirements. Our HR specialists ensure that our staff helps you end-to-end in the skill-based assessment system. We have several ideologies according to which we provide our HR solutions to your company. We give you the most adept and exact consultancy benefit.

Our human resource consultants take care of your organizational needs, with the goal that our market intelligence & talent mapping can prove beneficial for you. This is trailed by a range of platform solutions such as a cloud-based global assessment system, web-based HR automation software, payroll management etc.


Our partnership with some of the leading training and consulting companies from around the world gives us the confidence to cater to all your people development needs.

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